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Trainee Surveyor Companies

A surveyor is a term given to certain professionals based on their kind of work. Most commonly, surveying is the profession of making essential measurements in order to determine three dimensional positions on the surface of the Earth.

While some surveyors are involved in geographical work, others are involved with real estate surveying. Marine surveyors are those who examine and inspect ships. Quantity surveyors are more involved with the financial aspects of controlling costs on different types of building and construction projects.

Trainee Surveyor Companies

Surveying is a profession and career on its own, entailing several different positions and grades. In most companies, Surveyors are first hired as trainees and they would then have to make their way up the ladder before they can become senior surveyors. Trainee surveyor companies offer entry-level positions to those with little or no experience in the field of surveying.

Finding Jobs at Trainee Surveyor Companies

In order to find a job as a trainee surveyor, what could first and foremost be helpful is a relevant educational degree. Of course, a bit of prior experience could be of help since this field involves some stiff competition. The most relevant college education would be in the fields of geomatics and surveying. Trainee surveyor companies also look for individuals with skills in the use of mathematics, engineering, law and physics.

Various trainee surveyor companies deal with different types of work. For instance, some companies work more in properties relating to urban areas while others may work in a more rural setting or with historic structures. One would need to keep in mind their interests and preferences while choosing a company to work for. If your skills are oriented more towards financial planning, managing large projects and working within budget, you might want to consider applying for the role of a trainee quantity surveyor.

Here's a quick look at the popular roles in most trainee surveyor companies today.

  • Building Surveyors: Involves the inspection of buildings and ensuring that they are compliant with different regulations and codes.

  • Quantity Surveyors: They are trained to handle everything that is connected with building costs and more.

  • Marine Surveyors: Involving the inspection of ships.

Apart from the big and major trainee surveyor companies that are usually focused upon, there would be a number of freelance surveyors who hire trainees to work under them. This can be a great learning opportunity, especially if one is interested in freelancing in the future.

Working for Trainee Surveyor Companies

Once the position of trainee surveyor has been obtained, a licensing exam would need to be taken after a certain period of time, which would entail a lot of preparation. Work at trainee surveyor companies would mostly involve working under an experienced senior surveyor. Common responsibilities would include carrying and setting up of the equipment and recording various readings. Some office work would also be required, including some basic tasks with software such as CAD. Research is also conducted by trainee surveyors at various government organizations.

Trainee Surveyor Companies