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Surveyor Central Trainee Surveyor

Fresh from a degree in the field of surveying and looking for ways to get your career started? A new entrant into the field of surveying would first have to start work as a trainee surveyor. Many companies hire surveyors as trainees to work under a senior or chartered surveyor. This could be in the field of building surveying, quantity surveying or many others.

Surveyor Central and it's use for Trainee Surveyors

When trying to make a career in the field of surveying, it would be immensely helpful to have a resource or a place to go to for information relating to the field and also to meet and interact with others from the same industry. Surveyor Central is one such website of community education and software for surveyors. It is a platform for surveyors and trainee surveyors to come together for information on surveying and many more activities. Located in the US, they also offer various products such as software and more for use by surveyors.

Surveyor Central is free to join and all you have to do is create a User ID to get started. The Forum section on the website helps you to get in touch with other surveyors and talk about various topics related to the industry such as legal, business, equipment and so on. The links section provides great resources to find websites of various other societies and institutions related to the field of surveying and also of Government and and other professional organizations. FAQs help the trainee surveyor in getting answers to common questions about surveyor software.

Products on Surveyor Central for Trainee Surveyors

Carlson software that specializes in CAD design, machine control products, construction, field data  collection, mining industries and civil engineering worldwide is offered on the website. Some of the software like Carlson Survey available from Surveyor Central for a trainee surveyor could be really useful. Let's take a look the software that one can purchase from the site:

  • Carlson Survey - both the ICAD/ACAD and OEM AutoCAD versions are available. Apart from this there are the Point Cloud and Civil Suite as well. One of the best CAD based land surveying software.

  • Carson Civil for designers, engineers and civil technicians.

  • Carlson Construction is available as Carlson Take Off in the OEM AutoCAD and ICAD/ACAD versions. These are powerful software for site and road estimation and data preparation.

  • Carlson GIS has tools for data capture, data linking and labeling, and much more.

Products are also available on Surveyor Central that could be of use to trainee surveyors. Some of these are:

  • Carlson Surveyor and Surveyor Plus. These are data collector devices that are considered to be the most durable and the fastest in the industry.

  • Carlson Mini which is a small, yet powerful data collector that comes with bluetooth.

  • Carlson Surveyor Plus GPS is accurate, affordable and also reliable.

  • Rover and base radio kits are also available on the Surveyor Central.

Apart from this there are articles as well related to the field of surveying and also about the Carlson software available on Surveyor Central that can be of help to trainee surveyors.

Surveyor Central Trainee Surveyor