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Rics Trainee Surveyor

RICS (The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) is a prestigious institution comprising of many surveyors who are members. The main aim of this institution is to supervise and regulate the activities of people who are employed as surveyors and also those of property professionals as well as students and trainee surveyors. While the influence of RICS is strongest over the United Kingdom, its place of origin, operations are widespread in other sovereign nations from across the world.

RICS: Origin and Membership

Initially founded as an institute for surveyors in London, RICS originated with around about 49 people from the surveying profession who met in 1868 at the Westminster Palace Hotel. In the following years, membership increased many fold which thereby increased the influence held by RICS in the field of land and property surveying. Today, over 150,000 members form a part of RICS from around 146 countries around the world.

While a majority of the members at RICS are predominantly from London and from other parts of the United Kingdom, the presence of RICS is fast growing in many other Commonwealth nations like Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. In other countries too, like the United States, North Africa and Middle East, membership is fast growing, along with the influence that RICS holds in the domain of the property industry. It is being recognized the world over as one of the largest and most recognized institution comprising of property professionals, who are largely responsible for improving and setting new standards in the profession.

Acquiring membership of RICS can be of great help to surveyors and will come with its own set of perks. It not only helps in getting better opportunities for employment, it helps members by providing opportunities of interaction and networking with a global range of surveyor professionals from similar fields. Co operation and sharing of best trade practices results, which helps in the betterment of the industry.

RICS benefits for a Trainee Surveyor

Trainee Surveyors are basically those who are new in the industry, with little or no experience and more often, have a degree in a related subject. They work under senior surveyors, often assisting them, to gain exposure and eventually make it as surveyors themselves after clearing certain certification exams. RICS can be helpful to a trainee surveyor in the following ways:

  • Surveyor Courses that are certified or recognized by RICS can be of great value, in order to ensure landing a good job.

  • RICS offers job hunt services, where aspiring trainee surveyors can post their profiles and prospective employers could find them.

  • Many resources for surveyors are available on their website, using which trainee surveyors can be up-to-date with latest information regarding the industry.

  • RICS also offers several training programs themselves, which could be of great use to trainee surveyors.

With experience comprising of more than a century,  RICS is considered to be an organization that is instrumental in setting standards for the industry of surveyors. Trainee surveyors should aspire to become members of this prestigious institution as well as RICS certified surveyors.

Rics Trainee Surveyor