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Jones Lang LaSalle Trainee Surveyor

The profession of a surveyor can be an exciting and rewarding one if you are passionate about real estate and even more so if you have a flair for finance. There are several companies where you can hope to kick start your surveying career as a trainee surveyor and Jones Lang LaSalle is one of them.

Jones Lang LaSalle is a firm that provides professional and financial services with specialization in the field of real estate. Expert teams that are located world wide deliver integrated services to clients interested in owning or investing in real estate. Being involved with a variety of properties across the world, be it retail, hospitality or residential, a career with  Jones Lang LaSalle as a surveyor can be both exciting as well as rewarding.

How to become a Jones Lang LaSalle Trainee Surveyor

Jones Lang LaSalle hire trainee surveyors in two main fields: Building Surveying and Quantity Surveying. While the former is involved with the inspection of various buildings to see if they comply with government set codes and regulations, the latter is more related to costs of construction projects, buildings and so on.

To apply for a position as a Jones Lang LaSalle trainee surveyor, you would find most of the required information on their website. You can download application forms or apply online or also look at their recruitment timetables to see if they would be visiting your institution in the near future. Most of the positions require relevant degrees such as in Building Surveying or Quantity Surveying.

Jones Lang LaSalle Trainee Surveyor Schemes

If you apply and are selected as a  Jones Lang LaSalle trainee surveyor, your career path would follow one of many 'schemes' that would eventually take you where you want to be. These schemes typically are about 2.5 years in duration. Here are some of them:

  • Commercial Practice/Residential: These schemes enable you to become a chartered surveyor in about a couple of years, depending on prior experience. Anyone with a college degree in any subject can apply to this scheme.

  • Building Surveying: As a Jones Lang LaSalle trainee surveyor, you can become a chartered building surveyor in about two years and you would have to have a degree in building surveying to apply to this scheme.

  • Quantity Surveying: Again, within a couple of years, this scheme would allow you to become a chartered quantity surveyor, subject to experience. A degree in quantity surveying is required to apply to this scheme.

Gaining Work Experience as a Jones Lang LaSalle Trainee Surveyor

You can also gain work experience as a  Jones Lang LaSalle trainee surveyor if you are an Under Graduate or Graduate student in relevant fields of study. Paid internships are available to interested students in their senior year of college, usually for around four weeks during summer. These programs are usually announced on their website and can be applied to online.

Aspiring to become a  Jones Lang LaSalle trainee surveyor early in your career can prove to be a very good decision. Considering the structured career opportunities they offer, you could find yourself on your way to the dream job of your choice in the field of surveying.

Jones Lang LaSalle Trainee Surveyor