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Westwood Trainee Surveyor

If working with land, and more particularly real estate, property and buildings is of great interest to you, surveying can offer you an exciting career. If you are looking to start a career as a surveyor in the United States, there are many companies out there you can consider working for. Westwood is one such company where you can be hired as a Westwood trainee surveyor and work your way up from there.

Westwood is a Land and Energy development consultant company that works through various disciplines such as Land Surveying, GIS, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Construction Management and many more. In the field of land survey, Westwood works in commercial as well as residential property development services for the private sector. They have been in business for nearly forty years and as an organization, is one of the best places for trainee surveyors to start a blooming career.

Become a Westwood Trainee Surveyor

Westwood trainee surveyors may be hired in one of their several US offices and can aspire to integrate into one of several positions available at the company, such as Land Agents, Surveyors,  Planners, Civil Engineers and so on. To become a Westwood trainee surveyor, one would need not just a supporting degree but also enthusiasm and commitment, not to mention, exceptional talent as well.      

To apply to Westwood, simply visit their website and send them an email with your job application and resume. You can find a lot more information about careers and jobs, what it is like to work for them and the benefits that employees are entitled to on their company website.

A lot of opportunities are available for college students as well, who have hopes of becoming Westwood trainee surveyors. Students can gain internships or Co-op opportunities in the field of land surveying and this is a great stepping stone for the future. Also, the company recruits from various colleges through career fairs and provides scholarships as well.

Responsibilities of a Westwood Trainee Surveyor

The job description of a trainee surveyor at companies like Westwood would pretty much be the same across the industry. Mostly a trainee would be required to work under a senior or a chartered surveyor to gain the necessary experience and knowledge. After a certain period of time, which varies depending on the candidate's education and prior experience, they would be required to obtain a surveying license by taking an exam. Once qualified, they would be offered the position of surveyor in the company.

A trainee may be required to work on the field or off-field as well. Some of the responsibilities of a Westwood trainee surveyor could include:

  • Setting up and carrying equipment
  • Taking and recording measurements
  • Recording and charting data in detail
  • Organizing information and performing calculations
  • Conduct research such as title searches and researching newspapers and government offices.

So if you are a college student studying surveying, or just out of college and trying to kick start your career, consider applying to become a Westwood trainee surveyor. It might just be the right place to go to work, for you.

Westwood Trainee Surveyor