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Becoming a Trainee Surveyor

In order to become a trainee surveyor there are a number of steps which need to be taken staring with earning a degree in surveying. In addition any engineering experience or other related experience will help you in nailing a higher paying job. There are numerous colleges from where you can study to get a degree in surveying which also include some online universities.

There are probably various reasons why you would want to become a trainee surveyor which includes:

  • You want to get a better paying job
  • You want to get into an engineering related career
  • Want to make more money
  • Not be limited by a small job market

Becoming a trainee surveyor 101

While thirty years ago becoming a surveyor was probably regarded as easier as you just needed to learn the ropes on the job, today you will need a university education to start off with. You will need to have completed a degree course just to be able land a job interview for a trainee surveyor position. The degree course can span around four years and depending on your background you may find that the course is easy or difficult. People who get good grades can expect to land a better paying job faster as opposed to those whom don’t.

Getting a job as a trainee surveyor

Once you have completed your degree course the next step in becoming a trainee surveyor is to find a job. While there is no shortage of jobs for a trainee surveyor you need to bear in mind that you’ll not be getting a 401K plan anytime soon. You will start off as a trainee which means earning an average of $10 an hour (depending on the type of surveyor you have studied to become). You can expect to work at this rate for around an average of two years.

Getting a job as a trainee surveyor will require that you search for companies that employ trainees or you can also ask your university for help. Often times finding a job is not a big deal but since the job is not easy many people tend to either leave or they just aren’t able to make it into the big leagues. The job of a surveyor requires technical knowledge and the patience to sit down and get the job done, which also often requires putting in long hours in the office.

Why you should get on track to becoming a trainee surveyor?

If you have just completed your degree course in surveying there is no point waiting, the more you wait the fewer your chances of landing a good job. The best thing for you to do is to start applying even before you graduate that way you should get a hang of how the whole hiring process works. Becoming a trainee surveyor will require that you also prep up on what you have learnt before you approach a job interview as many interviewers will ask you technical questions in relation to what you have studied.