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Trainee Commercial Surveyor

The job of a commercial surveyor is very important but it is also regarded as being a high stress job. As a trainee commercial surveyor you will be given a number of tasks when you first join and the tasks will increase in quantity as well as complexity as you proceed as a trainee. A commercial surveyor will map the boundaries, divisions, features and the topography of a plot of land or a package of land. These surveys are created in order to suit the specific needs of property owners. You need to think about the fact that a commercial building is very valuable and so a detailed survey helps to protect the building’s owner against a number of future legal issues.
In order to get a job as a trainee commercial surveyor you will need to have the following skills:

  • You need to have a degree in commercial surveying
  • You also need to have some building / construction experience
  • Know how to take basic building measurements using a number of commonly used instruments
  • Have an eye for detail and a knack for precision

How to become a trainee commercial surveyor?

The first thing to do before you become a trainee commercial surveyor is to get a degree in this field. You can earn a degree from many of the universities in America that also offer engineering degrees. It is only once you have completed your degree course that you can go about applying for jobs to become a trainee. Since there is a high demand for commercial surveyors in America finding a job as a trainee is not difficult. There are probably hundreds of jobs to choose from; with companies located in almost all 50 states that need commercial surveyors. However, having addition training and experience will help you get a job that pays well as compared to others who are merely just fresh out of college.

How much does a trainee commercial surveyor get paid?

As a trainee your salary is not going to be great, it may just be enough for you to cover a few basic expenses. However, compared to other surveying jobs the salary is pretty good and if you have related experience you can expect to earn more. However the real salary bump comes once you have completed your time as a trainee and are now a fully fledged surveyor. Now you can expect to be paid top dollar for your services depending on where you are located and which company you are working for.

How long will you need to be a trainee commercial surveyor for?

The average duration is one year, while they are some people that may work more than a year as a trainee but this is the average time it takes to learn the ropes. Once you know everything there is as a trainee commercial surveyor you can then start applying for jobs within your company or outside as a fully fledged surveyor, which can be easy once your training is complete.