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Trainee Building Surveyor

The job of a building surveyor is to ensure that the buildings constructed are in accordance with the safety regulations of America. Without the help of good building surveyors there would probably be a number of structures which could endanger the lives of many people, not to mention property damage worth millions of dollars. As a trainee building surveyor you would first be expected to have graduated with a degree in building surveying. This will ensure that you know something about the job, the next step would be to shadow a professional surveyor as he goes about doing his job each and every day.

The job of a trainee building surveyor will include but not be limited to:

  • Assisting the lead surveyor in every way possible
  • Getting a proper understanding of construction laws
  • Using surveying equipment on the job
  • Clerical assistance of the lead surveyor

Trainee building surveyor qualities

One of the prime qualities of a building surveyor is being able to follow protocol. Almost everything that a surveyor does is according to a designed set of rules and instructions, deviating from these set of instructions will mean that you’ll not be able to accomplish the task at hand correctly. As a trainee you first need to get to grips with the protocol associated with the job. When you shadow the lead surveyor your focus should be on learning the methods used in specific situations and then trying to mimic that when you are given a task.

Trainee building surveyor work ethics

As a trainee building surveyor you will be under constant observation by your supervisor, one of the things they will be looking at is your work ethics. You should be able to display excellent work ethics since this is a job that requires precision, honesty and knowledge. It is a known fact that the slightest mistake could spell the end of your career as a building surveyor. Your supervisor will also be looking at exactly how well you are working and exactly how quickly you are at applying what you learn.

Trainee building surveyor and what you are expected to learn

One of the most important things to learn as a trainee building surveyor is the codes and the instruments used on the job. You’ll be constantly graded in terms of how methodical you are as well as how quickly you take charge of things around you. Leadership skills are something which is valued in this job but at the same time you should also be willing to be a team player. In addition people who have some building and construction backgrounds are also preferred as opposed to people that have other career backgrounds.

A trainee building surveyor will also need to have in-depth knowledge of materials and construction techniques. These coupled with building codes and regulations is what ensures that you rise from being merely a trainee to a fully fledged surveyor, someone who is respected not to mention draws out a substantial salary owing to his / her expertise.