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Trainee Surveyor Apprenticeships

Have you just finished your surveyor course and are wondering where you could find trainee surveyor apprenticeships? Well there are a number of places you go to get these types of internships but before you do there are a few things you would want to keep in mind. You should also know that there are various types of apprenticeships some of which are also paid. The trick is to know what you are looking for prior to starting your search.

People who are looking for trainee surveyor apprenticeships which are paid need to:

  • Have some previous related experience
  • Have excellent grades
  • You may also find it easier if you know someone in the company who can help you out

People who can expect to find free trainee surveyor apprenticeships without pay are:

  • People who have never worked before but just graduated
  • Youngsters who are still studying for their surveyor degree

Where to find trainee surveyor apprenticeships?

There are quite a few places and techniques you can use to find apprenticeships. The easiest way will probably be to ask your college’s career counselor for some help. A career counselor will be able to guide you through the steps you need to take to find apprenticeships both paid and unpaid. Some counselors may also know people and refer you to them for help. However, in most cases finding free apprenticeships is easier than finding paid ones, since employers know that if things do not work out they can just ask you to leave with no obligation.

Search online for trainee surveyor apprenticeships

The other way to search for surveyor apprenticeships is to search online. The internet has literally hundreds of listings from companies who are looking for people to work for them free as well as paid trainee surveyors. Often times bigger companies that have a known name in the industry and places where people work in order to get a career boost will only offer free apprenticeships but given the fact that it can give you a career boost it is well worth it.

However, you need to consider exactly how much time you need to invest in becoming a fully fledged surveyor i.e. the time you have to spend as a trainee, if you think it is feasible you can work free for a large corporation.

Check out a daily newspaper for trainee surveyor apprenticeships

Newspapers have the latest job listings and often times finding a paid job here is easy. However, as mentioned above before you apply for a paid job as a trainee surveyor you need to have something to bring to the table for the company to consider you. The more qualified you are in terms of experience the higher your chances are of finding paid work. But in most cases fresh graduates usually find trainee surveyor apprenticeships within a week or so, owing to the fact that there is a great demand for this skill in the United States, especially along the East Coast.