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Trainee Asbestos Surveyor

Asbestos survey is a special type of survey which is designed to determine the level of asbestos in a factory, manufacturing plant or any other commercial outlet. These surveys are required by the Health and Safety Executive document known as MDHS 100. Most people do not know what type of survey they require and this is why they will contact a company to help them out. A trainee asbestos surveyor will work for a company that specializes in asbestos surveys. Asbestos is a dangerous chemical which if exposed to for a considerable period of time can cause cancer or even death.

The requirements for becoming a trainee asbestos surveyor are pretty strict since this type of job requires lots of knowledge and precision. In order to become a trainee you’ll need to have the following:

  • You should have a degree in asbestos surveying
  • You should have a chemical related background
  • Be comfortable going into areas which may have high levels of asbestos
  • Have knowledge of how an inspection works
  • Know the rules of an asbestos survey

How to become a trainee asbestos surveyor?

The first thing you will want to do is to get though your asbestos surveyor degree course. Once you are done with the course you should also earn a few credit hours in the way of computer software and instrument knowledge. Once you are done with these the next step would be to apply for jobs as a trainee asbestos surveyor. Since this profession is in high demand and the number of graduates is fewer than what the market needs finding a job is not difficult. Most graduates should be able to land a job within a few weeks of graduating.

Will you get paid as a trainee asbestos surveyor?

Since this job is in considerable demand is many American states you can expect to get paid comparatively more than other surveying jobs. Even at an entry level position like a trainee people can expect to make up to $15 an hour or even more depending on their experience. But there are some established companies that will hire graduates on a trial basis after which they may be given a position as a trainee. The trial period may not be paid after which the salary may be good to start off with.

Career prospects for a trainee asbestos surveyor

If you manage to get a job at a leading surveying company your career prospects as a trainee asbestos surveyor are excellent. On average you can expect to be a trainee for around a year after which you can move up the ladder to a more senior position. However, your advancement as a professional will mainly depend upon how good you are at learning the profession as well as if your supervisor thinks that you are ready to move up the corporate ladder.

Asbestos surveyors are paid some of the best salaries in the industry. But as a trainee asbestos surveyor you should be content with the minimum you are getting until you are ready to work independently.