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Trainee Surveying Courses

Now that you have completed your degree course in surveying you may be wondering if you need to take trainee surveying courses. These courses are especially designed to get a trainee acquainted with the whole process of getting hired as a trainee but it is not compulsory that you enroll into this course. These types of courses work best for people who have had some time in between from when they completed their course to when they want to apply for a job as a trainee.
There are quite a number of trainee surveying courses being offered both online and offline depending on the type of surveyor degree you have completed. While finding a course online may be easier and cheaper not all types of surveying can be refreshed / learnt up by taking a course online i.e. especially those that require some hands on aspects of the job that needs to be learnt. People who should enroll in a course include:

  • People who got their surveyor degree a while back
  • Those that want to increase their chances of getting hired
  • People who want to improve their skills

What is the benefit of trainee surveying courses?

If you have completed your surveyor course a while back chances are that you have forgotten around 60% of what you have learnt. Employers know that people who have been out of touch from this profession for a while do not remember much and need a refresher course at the very least. When you take trainee surveying courses, they help you brush up on what you have learnt as well as give you some ideas on how to effectively approach a job interview which increases your chances of getting hired. In addition these are also great courses for people who want to get some practical knowledge of the field prior to becoming a trainee.

Should you take trainee surveying courses online?

Well this really depends upon the what surveyor course you took, if your course entailed lots of infield practical then this is something which is impossible to brush up online. You need to keep in mind that online courses will probably just help you learn or refresh your theoretical understanding of the profession. This is why you may have better luck if you search offline for a course that really prepares you for the whole hiring process as well as the job after you are hired.

What will trainee surveying courses cost you?

The best thing about trainee surveying courses is that they do not cost a lot and are not very time consuming. You can probably take the course on weekends or three times a week for a few hours for up to a month or two months depending on the course you chose. The course can cost anywhere from $200 to over $1500 depending on its duration and the type of surveying you are going to study, followed by an examination after which you will be also issued a certificate.