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Graduate Trainee Surveyor Vacancies

As a graduate in surveying there are a number of graduate trainee surveyor vacancies you can take advantage of but before you do so it is important that you know a little bit about the job market. The job market for a graduate in surveying is a bit different from other professions primarily because there are various types of surveyors and the methods, instruments and education is very different to say the least which is why the requirements will also vary greatly.

The number of jobs available to you as a fresh graduate will depend upon the following factors:

  • Present state of the US economy
  • Number of graduates versus the demand for your profession
  • The collage from which you graduated
  • The surveying course you took

So how do you find graduate trainee surveyor vacancies?

The best way to start searching for graduate trainee surveyor vacancies is to do it online. Now many graduates think that searching online only yields dated results or results from employers who are not really interested in hiring anyone. While it is true that many small and medium sized businesses that advertise online via classified advertisements, in addition many large businesses tend to post job vacancies on their website. Just visiting a company’s website should give you an idea of what they need and if you are eligible to apply for a job there.

The other big advantage of finding graduate trainee surveyor vacancies online is that they are easy to apply for. All you need is a covering letter and a resume to start shooting emails to companies you want to work for. Many graduates send as many as twenty emails a week and can expect to attend around five interviews every week just from this effort alone.

Graduate trainee surveyor vacancies in newspapers

The other way to find suitable graduate trainee surveyor vacancies is to search through the daily newspaper that hits your doorstep. Many of the vacancies you find in the newspaper are going to have lots of competition and so the process to get a job there will be tedious to say the least. The way you can stand out from the rest is to have lots of related experience, but then you also stand the risk of being labeled as an over qualified person for the position of merely a trainee. However, if searching online does not yield any results then certainly going through the newspaper daily should help you find a good job opportunity as a trainee.

Graduate trainee surveyor vacancies in established companies

If you want to springboard your career as a surveyor regardless of what type of surveyor you have studied to become working at an established company certainly helps to give you a career boost. However, many established companies do not offer trainees a lot in the way of a salary package with some companies actually hiring people on a temporary basis. You may also end up working without a salary for some large companies depending on their hiring policies.