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Trainee Property Surveyor

Property surveyors are specialists at surveying property of all types for almost every purpose. The job of a property surveyor is to give advice on various aspects of the property in question and construction. While many may compare it with general land surveying the big difference here is that property surveyors usually work for commercial businesses that are looking to put up either a large building or buildings in a particular spot. The surveyor needs to determine if it is possible and if so then how. Trainee property surveyors learn the ropes from fully fledged surveyors on the job.

Trainee property surveyors will usually assist with the following jobs of a surveyor:

  • They will assist with measurements, and maintenance work
  • They will work on plans for a project
  • They will help the surveyor with design and repair
  • They may also help with procuring new projects for the company

Your job as trainee property surveyors

The majority of jobs that trainee property surveyors will get has a lot to do with existing buildings, and construction, this is because many of the clients are going to be existing clients. However, every company out there tries to expose their trainees to as much variety at work as they possibly can but sometimes it can be difficult. But the good news is that this does not hamper your career progress. Your main purpose should be to ensure that you learn everything on the job and assist the chief surveyor as much as you can on any project you are working with him on. The more work you take on the easier it becomes for you to grow professionally.

How much money do trainee property surveyors make?

This is a relative question and will have a lot to do with where you are working as well as how good you are at what you do. People who have graduated in the top of their class can expect to get better wages working for big companies while those that didn’t will be working for far less. However, as a trainee you are not limited to your grades since the job of a property surveyor is all practical and so the better you become at your job the easier it is for you to progress. You can expect to make anywhere from a $100 a week to around $500 a week or even more depending on how good you are.

How do trainee property surveyors find jobs in America?

The easiest way is to browse though both online and regular classifieds. You should be able to find a job and apply for it ASAP if you want to be considered. There is a lot of competition in some states and so being fast in terms of responding to job interviews and phone calls tells the employer a lot about your attitude towards work. However, if you still find it hard to get a job you could ask your university for help, often times the school’s notice board is an excellent employment resource for fresh graduates.