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Trainee Structural Surveyor

The job of a structural surveyor is to inspect a property and report back to the client. The report will usually detail the building’s overall condition as well as its structural integrity. This is something which is required by both commercial and residential buildings. However, this type of inspection / survey needs to be undertaken by a licensed surveyor, someone who has many years of experience doing similar types of surveys. A trainee structural surveyor will mostly find employment at a certified surveyor’s office.

There are a number of pre-requisites which will be considered by an employer prior to hiring a trainee. These pre-requisites include:

  • You should have a degree in structural surveying
  • You should have an engineering background
  • Having knowledge of construction is a plus
  • Have a keen eye for detail and be a team player

Job description of a trainee structural surveyor

There is no one given job description for a trainee structural surveyor. Since you will be working for a certified surveyor and working on his projects you will mostly do what he asks you to which can range from simple stuff such as taking measurements to speaking with clients and taking calls. However, every employer will try teach their trainees as much as they can especially when it comes to using the latest technologies so that a trainee becomes more useful. But this requires that you have lots of computer knowledge and if not then you should be willing to learn.

A trainee structural surveyor will often compile reports

Report writing is a major part of being a trainee and it is also something that many trainees hate to do. But the truth is that without being able to present a report your job is not complete. Since you are a trainee structural surveyor your report will be checked by a certified surveyor in your company and be approved by him prior to being forward to the client. You will need to make sure that your reports are accurate and the data mentioned along with your comments are clear. A certified surveyor will also ask you for your opinion on a given project just to see how quickly you are learning the job and what more you need to learn

How much can a trainee structural surveyor earn?

This is a difficult question to answer since every trainee is slightly different in terms of their experiences and qualifications. However, on average many people fresh out of college can expect to get minimum wage for the first year. There are many more that may get higher salaries if they have construction or engineering backgrounds. This is why it pays to add a bit more in the way of qualifications to your resume.

A trainee structural surveyor is an entry level job but which if taken seriously it can give you a much needed and often wanted career boost. The faster you learn what you need to the easier it becomes to get certified and become a certified structural surveyor.