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Trainee Surveyor Duties

There are numerous duties which a trainee surveyor will have to perform depending on the type of surveyor they are. Many trainee surveyor duties may include clerical work in addition to assisting the chief or head surveyor. However, the duties of a trainee are not set in stone and vary depending on a number of factors which also includes the company they are working for. While some companies may have policies in place which dictate specific duties others may not so your job description may be loosely defined.

Some of the more common trainee surveyor duties may include the following:

  • Filing and creating computer models
  • Assisting the head surveyor on various projects
  • Taking readings and measurements
  • Dealing with clients

Trainee surveyor duties – creating models

As a trainee surveyor the job of the lead surveyor is to train you in everything which you will need to become a surveyor. One of the most important parts of this training is creating computer models (does not apply to all surveyor jobs). Your computer models will then be checked and approved by the surveyor in charge of the project. This allows for the surveyor to identify errors and make corrections from which a trainee can learn and further improve. Trainees will also receive practical knowledge which should help them integrate the theories they have learnt into their job.

Trainee surveyor duties – Assisting the head surveyor

As a trainee surveyor one of your duties is to shadow the lead surveyor in order to learn the ropes. In addition the lead surveyor will also assign a number of duties which can be regarded as ‘assistant’ type duties. In addition to these duties the surveyor will also take you out on field assignments during which you will be expected to work as a team with other trainees and report to the chief surveyor. However, once again trainee surveyor duties are not set in stone and will vary depending on the task at hand.

Trainee surveyor duties include taking readings and measurements

In the majority of surveyor jobs taking readings and using instruments are a big part of the job. As a trainee you are expected to learn these skills pretty quickly as the job will require that you take readings and measurements. When you first start your readings and measurements will be checked by the lead surveyor who will also take it upon himself to teach you how to correctly use various instruments. There may also be other trainees (more advanced) who may be designated to teach new trainees how to handle projects.

Trainee surveyor duties are often not hard to perform and you are not burdened with lots of responsibilities but because you need to report to the head surveyor you need to ensure that you are doing your job correctly. It is the responsibility of the head surveyor to ensure that the reports you make are accurate before they are passed on to the client, which puts the lead surveyor under a lot of pressure to ensure that you know your job.