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Trainee Construction Surveying

Surveying is known as a process of measuring the dimensions of any object present on earth. A construction surveying engineer will usually measure buildings which includes taking readings of their levels as well as inclination. These measurements are then used for the precise and accurate measurement of the angles, vertical, horizontal and the slope distances. A trainee construction surveying crew will usually work alongside an experience surveyor who will be responsible for the group.

Trainee construction surveying in the modern world

Thanks to the improvements and strides made in computer technology today a trainee construction surveying team will usually do around 45% of their work on a computer which also includes modeling, EDM or electric distance measurement, as well as GPS. While some people may think that both land and construction surveying are similar there is a big difference which goes right down to the tools which are used as well as the job a trainee may be given.  

If you want to join a company as part of a trainee construction surveying team you’ll need the following:

  • You will have to graduate from your construction surveying course
  • You will need to have in-depth knowledge of computers and related software
  • It would help if you have previous related experience
  • A keen eye for detail and accuracy

The job of a trainee construction surveying engineer

As a trainee your job will be to mainly help and assist the head surveyor, you will be taken to various building sites and will assist with handling equipment, taking measurements as well as some clerical work. The reason why you are taken to sites is so that you understand how work is done in the real world, it also gives your seniors a chance to watch and correct what you are doing primarily because surveying is a practical profession where theory can only take you so far.

How long does a trainee construction surveying person work?

If you are new and have just joined you can expect not to get an hourly wage, plus there are some larger and well known organizations that hire trainees for free. You can expect to work around eight hours a day, plus it is not uncommon for trainees to work up to 12 hours a day and also work from home during weekends. You will be given certain assignments by your seniors which will need to be completed, checked and presented to the client.  

How long will you be a trainee construction surveying person?

In most American states you will need around a year of hands on training prior to being able to become a surveyor. Many people may end up working for up to two years as trainees, only people with a similar background can save time and will probably be hired on a temporary basis prior to being given a fully fledged position. However, if anything becoming a fully fledged surveyor takes many man hours in the field and lots of hard work prior to it becoming significantly rewarding.