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Trainee Quantity Surveyor

As a trainee quantity surveyor you are trained to oversee a number of individual parts of a construction project. However, traditionally this was a role which was undertaken by a well trained person who had lots of knowledge of the operational procedure required during a construction project. Many people who are quantity surveyors work on a freelance, or individual bases as opposed to working for an organization. The clients are usually those who have a building under construction or those who have a completed building that requires that it be modified to suit existing building codes. But the roles are quite diverse and this is something a trainee needs to get his or her head around.

If you want to become a trainee quantity surveyor you will need to have the following:

  • Have a degree in quantity surveying
  • Be able to multi-task when on the job
  • Be able to plan and manage a project
  • You’ll also be working mostly outdoors so this is something you should be comfortable with

The role of a trainee quantity surveyor

As a trainee your main role will be to assist the surveyor on the job, during your time assisting the surveyor you are expected to learn the ropes of the profession. While you’ll never come across an organization that clearly defines what your roles are going to be as a trainee some of the most common tasks are filing, dealing with clients, taking measurements, making suggestions and drawing schematics. In addition you may also be asked to work on computer models and simulations.

How to get a job as a trainee quantity surveyor?

The good news is that there is a high demand for quantity surveyors in many US states. However, there are some states where the demand is non-existent. This is why you should be ready to relocate when you apply for a job. The best way to find a job is to look up the latest posts on your college’s notice board / bulletin board. These posts are usually from companies that want to hire people from your college so you stand a better chance of getting hired. In addition there is also no shortage of job posts online but searching online tends to be somewhat time consuming.

How much does a trainee quantity surveyor get paid?

Your salary as a trainee quantity surveyor will vary depending on numerous factors. These factors include how well you are educated, background and the state you are living in. In addition some companies generally pay better than others but you should always join a company that offers you better career and growth opportunities as opposed to a place where you get a few dollars more. The thing you need to understand is that the money you get working as a trainee is barely enough to meet a few personal expenses but it does improve as you move up the ladder. This is why you should focus your attention on learning the job so that you become a fully fledged quantity surveyor in the shortest time possible.