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Trainee Surveyor Timescales

Many people who are fresh out of their surveyor course often ask how much time they will need to spend as a trainee before they can make some real career strides. Trainee surveyor timescales vary quite a bit depending mainly upon what type of surveyor you have studied to become. For instance people who have studied to become land surveyors or property surveyors will end up spending more time as a trainee since there is a lot to learn as opposed to someone who is a quantity surveyor trainee.

There are also a number of variables that govern trainee surveyor timescales, which include:

  • The type of surveyor you want to become
  • How much technical work hours is required to advance
  • Your previous background
  • If you have worked in a similar field before

Trainee surveyor timescales mainly depend on your ability

In the majority of cases the time you spend as a trainee will mainly depend upon how long it takes for you to understand things. Many trainees can expect to quickly rise through the ranks if they are quick learners while others can expect to languish for a long time as trainees. However, in addition to how fast you pick things up there is compulsory trainee surveyor timescales which need to be met. These timescales vary from one state to another and depends upon what type of surveyor you want to be become. But the average time you can expect to spend as a trainee is around a year at the very least.

Trainee surveyor timescales for experience people

If you have been working in a related field for a while then the time you spend as a trainee is much lesser. However, you will need to be able to prove that you are able to work independently prior to being promoted to a surveyor. In addition if you were working as a surveyor while you were studying you may probably bypass the trainee timescale altogether. This is great for people who learnt the job while working as a surveyor and just added the course so that it enhances their career prospects.

What you’ll have to do during your trainee surveyor timescales

As a trainee your job is to mainly do what you are told, but if you really want to rise through the ranks and spend the least time as a trainee you need to be able to learn the technical skills required as part of the profession ASAP. This may require lots of time in field as well as overtime probably also working from home depending on the nature of your job. The more time you spend as a trainee to learn stuff the better you’ll be able to function in the real world as a surveyor. However, it can be counterproductive to spend more time than you need as a trainee.

Trainee surveyor timescales greatly vary but they are an imperative part of your career. While you may want to bypass these timescales it is not a good idea even if you do manage it somehow.